Do Good! Volunteer Morning at Salvation Army

@ 09:30 AM

Salvation Army

Come out to do good during a Give 5 Change Lives volunteer event! Join us for a morning of volunteering with the Salvation Army Red Shield Services.

The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Red Shield Services Emergency and Transitional Housing Facility (Red Shield Shelter) provides strategic intervention, refuge and safe lodging for homeless men, women and families with children in crisis. The focus is to provide emergency, transitional and recovery programs that empower people of all ages to begin their transition to stable independence; by discovering and overcoming the root causes of their homelessness.

Make new friends as you take part in the following volunteer activities: help to spruce up family rooms, assist the kitchen staff, clean, sort donations and more!

Give 5 Change Lives
Help us fight childhood homelessness for just $5 at 

Thank you to LINC sponsors!

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